Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Reason I Barely Touch My PS3

Updates! Damned, filthy, mandatory updates! Every time I turn on my PS3, it seems that if the system doesn't have an update, the game does. We're not talking the quick 30 second updates on 360, these are long drawn out, 15 minute or more updates. Maybe I only have 10 minutes to play. How am I supposed to play this damned thing?

I have a 1080P picture on the tube, so at least my update screen looks awesome. I however can't tell you how the game looks in said resolution as I've been writing this post, having a sandwich, and taking a dump while the game updates. Just awesome.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Might Need Viagra

At least that’s what my latest e-mails to myself say.  As evidenced below, I’m obviously not happy with my performance in the bedroom.  I’m apparently so unhappy I start by offering myself 70% off.  That didn’t work, so I offered myself a whopping 79% off.  I must’ve gotten angry as I reduced the discount to a still respectable 76% off my penis pills.


This is just a small sample of my spam inbox.  What’s really sad is that some bone-head is dumb enough to click on the e-mails from themselves.  I’d think that if I was to send myself info on pecker pills, I wouldn’t be so blatant in the subject line.  It would probably have a subject “TMP Report,” or something else mundane.

Spammers really should get a little more creative.  Fortunately for us they are lazy and obviously avoid any and all forms of work.  I’m feeling depressed thinking about it now.  I think I’m going to send myself and e-mail offering 98% off my pills.  That will make me feel much better.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I’m Shedding a Tear.

What a waste of a beautiful Bel-Air.  The good news is people are safer in the event of a crash.  The bad news is it’s the bad drivers that are getting saved…  I think it’s more of a loss than a win…

Monday, September 14, 2009

Batman is Awesome.


Just finished Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Excellent game, loved almost every minute of it.  Some parts were ridiculously hard, but rewarding when I finally passed them up.  I’d definitely recommend anyone who’s a Batman fan to play it.

The only part I haven’t finished is the challenge rooms.  My only question is how worth it the achievements are.  They’re kinda wack, but I’m on the fence with that…  Now to write a review for OE, I think Andy is eagerly awaiting the review.

For those that don’t know, that’s Becci’s grandma in the picture.  You could always talk her into doing silly stuff, she was pretty cool.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well, That Was Fast

Summer's been here and gone already.  I don't remember where I put it.  I know I had a good time, but it's gone.  Now it's time for fall.  How do I know?  It's not the leaves changing colors or little bastards going back to school.  The new TV season is already here.  Here's to more nights with less sleep than I should get!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Squirrels Are Awesome

We were at the park yesterday for our nieces birthday.  While there we were inundated by squirrels.  That’s a good thing, I love squirrels.  They are some of the quirkiest creatures put on this earth.  This little fellow was frightened by me, so he ran up the tree with his nut he was eating.  Funny thing is, he kinda hung upside down and ate his nut while intently watching me.  I swear I wouldn’t try to eat him.  Well, maybe I would, he was pretty friggin’ cool.  BTW, my niece named him Nibbles.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Michigan Isn’t Too Bad

The roads in Michigan are a little confusing, but not too bad.  Boston still wins in the shittiest civil engineering possible category.  In both states you have to go right if you want to make a left.  In Massachusetts you have to drive a couple of miles to get to a U-turn, and I’m still not 100% sure if it’s legal to do.  In Michigan you only have to go a few blocks.  The signs aren’t really clear, but you can at least easily correct a mistake.

Then again the bad driving experience in Boston could have totally been my mom.  She’s a great person, but a horrible backseat driver.  Maybe one day I’ll find the same drugs Dexter uses to knock out his victims.  :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nothing Like Robocop

Visiting Detroit today, and I’m kinda disappointed.  I expected to see RoboCop driving around in a crappy Ford Taurus.  Instead it’s been a fairly nice area.  Not at all what I expected.  Maybe we just didn’t make it into the really seedy parts…


On the other hand, the PSA’s were somewhat expected.  After watching enough Judge Mathis, I did expect to see signs telling the kids to stay off the rock.