Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Reason I Barely Touch My PS3

Updates! Damned, filthy, mandatory updates! Every time I turn on my PS3, it seems that if the system doesn't have an update, the game does. We're not talking the quick 30 second updates on 360, these are long drawn out, 15 minute or more updates. Maybe I only have 10 minutes to play. How am I supposed to play this damned thing?

I have a 1080P picture on the tube, so at least my update screen looks awesome. I however can't tell you how the game looks in said resolution as I've been writing this post, having a sandwich, and taking a dump while the game updates. Just awesome.


  1. I eventually got to play, but then I had to do something... I'm working on avatar images now.

  2. TMI...and I don't mean the company Len works for!!